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  Timothy C. Takach, Composer

Timothy C. Takach is an award-winning composer based in Minneapolis, MN. In addition to his full-time composing work, he is a professional choral singer and soloist, he owns Graphite Publishing along with co-founder Jocelyn Hagen, and he is the vice president of the Independent Music Publishers Cooperative.

The Longest Nights premieres all over the country!

My choral cycle is finished, and there will be 42 choirs with their own state premiere of the piece this season. The piece is 7 movements long, and uses secular winter texts. There are also a few choirs performing some movements with string accompaniment.

“the gorgeous part-song harmonies never obscured the text, making the lyrics an equal partner to the music.”
spacer-Andrew Lindemann Malone, Washington Post, Washington, DC

“The most stunning piece was Timothy C. Takach’s arrangement…full of rich, beautiful harmonies.”
spacer-Sarah Young, Journal-World, Lawrence, KS

“For "Things I Didn't Know I Loved," a setting of the Turkish émigré poet Nâzim Hikmet, Cantus' own Timothy C. Takach finds an idiom both contemplative and eventful.”
spacer-Larry Fuchsberg, Star Tribune, Minneapolis, MN

“(Takach’s) arrangements were notably creative and intriguing. He gets high marks for originality and craftsmanship in his settings.”
spacer-Rita A. Landrum, Tryon, NC

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Listen to VocalEssence and the Rockefeller University Chapel Choir perform "Listen to the Apples."
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