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  Timothy C. Takach, Composer

The Longest Nights

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Timothy C. Takach is an award-winning composer based in Minneapolis, MN. In addition to his full-time composing work, he is a professional choral singer and soloist, he owns Graphite Publishing along with co-founder Jocelyn Hagen, and he is the vice president of the Independent Music Publishers Cooperative.

“the gorgeous part-song harmonies never obscured the text, making the lyrics an equal partner to the music.”
spacer-Andrew Lindemann Malone, Washington Post, Washington, DC

“The most stunning piece was Timothy C. Takach’s arrangement…full of rich, beautiful harmonies.”
spacer-Sarah Young, Journal-World, Lawrence, KS

“For "Things I Didn't Know I Loved," a setting of the Turkish émigré poet Nâzim Hikmet, Cantus' own Timothy C. Takach finds an idiom both contemplative and eventful.”
spacer-Larry Fuchsberg, Star Tribune, Minneapolis, MN

“(Takach’s) arrangements were notably creative and intriguing. He gets high marks for originality and craftsmanship in his settings.”
spacer-Rita A. Landrum, Tryon, NC

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