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We know we belong to You.
When we lose heart, when we despair,
whenever we tremble



it means we have forgotten You.

Bring us home with every breath,
with every beat of the heart
we in You and You in us,
and remember



The freedom of how we belong to You.

All flesh comes to You
all the beautiful names are in You
all rivers and veins and sinews of the sea
all languages, all silences
all leaves and flames and blossoms and rains and wings
all voices we have ever longed to hear

Help us to know ourselves
always worthy of Your love

credo alpha, omega

To know how we deserve Your joy in us

credo corazon

Help us to heal our world’s divided houses

credo sangha

Help us restore and bless and release

credo sunyata

Lead us from the real to the unreal

Abwoon d’bwashmaya

May we sing out in every holy tongue

credo neshamah

And freed from every fear

credo noli timere

noli timere

noli timere

May we be Your mouth
May we be Your music

- Michael Dennis Browne, from “Credo (Noli Timere)” (homage to Seamus Heaney)


Alpha/Omega: beginning, end (Greek).
Corazon: heart (Spanish)
Sangha: community (Sanskrit)
Sunyata: emptiness (Sanskrit)
Abwoon d’bwashmaya: Our Father (Aramaic)
Neshamah: breath, spirit (Hebrew)
Noli timere: do not be afraid (Latin)