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We hold grace in our palms
Long arms reaching for greatness
In a cruel world
That tries to steal your patience

We write it, design it,
Making something from nothing
We build it, create it
Now isn’t that something

We are exceptional, wonderful
Filled with hope and magic
We run with the wind
We catch it

We float on dreams
We reach and teach
Through all the chaos
We speak for peace

The weight of the morning
Heavy on my chest
I wake to this world filled with unrest
How many do we have to lose
Before we can all see the truth

I wish for compassion, I wish for peace
I wish for all the violence to cease
I wish for equality, A space for me
I wish for a place we can all be free

We stand up against violence
We use our voice
We provide for ourselves
We have a choice

I hope for change
for peace in the streets
I hope for the respect of every human being

The sound of my heart – True North
The sound of my voice – True North
The sound of the streets – True North
The sound of the city – True North

Have you been to True North?
Have you heard about us?
Have you come to Flow?
Have you felt the rush?

Of creativity and community
Blossoming and blooming up and down these streets
Have you witnessed the greatness & unity?

Have you heard the sounds?
Have you seen these sights?
The people stand up and continue to fight
Freedom of expression, it’s the place to be
We rock the mic and we all get free – Can you feel the beat?

- Desdamona (used with permission)


Bb Clarinet

2 Violins
Double Bass


chimes, glockenspiel, 2 bucket drums, snare,
suspended cymbal, floor tom, bass drum

SATB Choir