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You are gone, 
And I fall silent.

You staked your life
To save my own.
You spoke for me
And called me friend, 
And you are silent now.

Together we were legend—
The Falcon, you, and I—
No bounty hunter stopped us;
No pirate lord could bring us in.
We smuggled, we fought, eluded, tricked; 
We owned the Kessel Run.
Rebels, heroes, brothers, fools.

We have seen the darkness rise, and fall, 
And rise again.
The struggle continues,
And I take my familiar seat,
But I cannot fly solo.

But now there is another, 
And the Falcon flies again. 
You trusted her.
I trust her too.
But I will not forget.

- Charles Anthony Silvestri
- Commissioned for this piece. Used with permission.