Update 06.12.19: This project has been completed! Find the completed pieces here:
A Mural of Change
Flying Solo

I’m writing a new collection of choral pieces for SATB and piano. For each piece in this cycle I've commissioned a new poem inspired by a scene or moment from a film. It could be a character exploration, a reaction to the scene, or a retelling from a new perspective. We are creating new works inspired by art that exists in another medium. The poetry in this collection will explore humanity in it’s most fundamental emotions: hope, bravery, fear, companionship, etc. Active retelling of these stories can help us to access and explore our own experiences.

I have an amazing group of poets excited to collaborate on this, and they are a mix of people with whom I’ve worked in the past and some new collaborators too–Julia Klatt Singer, Charles Anthony Silvestri and William Reichard. I’m thrilled - I’ve been pushing this idea around in my mind for a while, and I think it’ll be a unique subject matter for singers to access. One important thing that I’ve learned about referencing a movie scene is that often the events leading up to that scene gives it its impact. This new poetry stands on its own, apart from the context of the source film, so even if a singer hasn’t seen the movie, I still want the emotional impact to be strong.

I’m running this consortium through a new site called Consortio.io, which will facilitate the planning and details. I will write 3 movements, and if I can reach my stretch goal, I’ll be able to write at least one more! You would get the entire collection if you participate but would not have to perform them all. The cost will end up being $325 per choir. Scores would be delivered late this summer in time for the start of the 2018-19 school year.

There is no restriction on how many choirs can participate (like there was for The Longest Nights), but I do want to represent a wide variety of the country and the world.

Send me an email and I'll invite you to be a part of the Consortio project page.

Timothy Takach